How to keep ants away with just one ingredient

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published on 23 June, 2021 at 11:38
Ants can become a real nightmare in the kitchen.
Let's see a very simple method to keep them away:

You can use turmeric, a strong, bitter soap spice that these insects don't like.
Just dissolve a teaspoon of turmeric in a liter of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
Spray the mixture on the area attacked by the ants.
There are other methods:
Vinegar is an excellent repellent against ants, to keep them away pour it in a spray container and spray it in the corners of doors and windows and on window sills without forgetting the kitchen and the nest area. Even if the vinegar dries quickly its smell will still be felt by the ants that will stay away. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to vinegar.
Spices: cinnamon, hot pepper and cloves
Among the spices that keep the ants away due to their particularly strong and unbearable smell for these insects, we have cinnamon, hot pepper, pepper, cloves and spicy paprika. Put these remedies either directly near the areas where the ants are found or use them in the form of essential oil by diluting a few drops with water and spraying directly on the areas or near the cracks from which they could enter.
Herbs: mint, oregano and laurel
Even mint is a useful natural remedy against ants. In these cases you need to put a few leaves of this plant on the window sills and around the doors, or 10 drops of essential oil mixed in 1 glass of water, and spray them at the possible gaps for the house. In addition you will also have the advantage of having a good smell at home. Also the oregano and the bay are the best deterrents, put the bay leaves or the bunches of oregano in the points where there are the ants.
Coffee grounds
Another effective remedy to keep away ants is coffee; you can use the beans or the grounds to create small "mountains" near the entrance of the anthill. You will erase the traces of the ants and any eggs will also be destroyed. To create a powerful deterrent sprinkle some lemon on the grounds and add cinnamon, pepper, hot pepper, white vinegar and mint essential oil. They will move away in no time.
The lemon has also proved to be an excellent deterrent for the ants; just place a few slices of lemon covered with black pepper on the areas affected by the passage of the ants. Alternatively you can use the juice to be sprayed in the corners and on the window sills, it has the power to disorient the ants.
Honey can be considered an alternative natural method against ants. It is used to attract them, so it acts as bait; put some honey containers near the areas where you usually see the ants pass by, once the ants enter, they will remain trapped.
Water, sugar and borax also for flying ants
With these three ingredients you can prepare a paste that will help you to get rid of the ants; just mix together water, sugar and borax and apply the mixture on small cartons that you will place near the colony. Ants will take some pieces that will bring into the nest, killing them.This also works for flying ants and it must be renewed every couple of days otherwise it gets dry and loses its function.
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